Always on the move

“Always on the move”, this is Kaldhez. Founded on 19 january 2007 by the sole owner, John Kalogeras, Kaldhez is probably the youngest but surely the most ambitious logistics service provider at the moment.

Specialized in logistic solutions, consultancy and trading, to and from Eastern Europe, Kaldhez is  one of the bridges built to connect you with the Eastern side of our ancient mother Europe. In this new era, where the distances are shorter, the continents are becoming smaller and the countries are coming closer to each other, we intend to establish a new meaning for the word “quality”.

Small but flexible, young but with 30 years of experience, located in Rotterdam but yet present in almost all Eastern Europe, Kaldhez has focused itself to reach the top. We know and have proven that hardworking, efficiency and experience are the key to success. But this is not the point! Becoming your business partner, your friend or your advisor by bringing the Kaldhez-notion on the market, this is our goal.