Kaldhez - Always on the move

Your business is our business!


We value your merchandise and your customers. You can always rely on us for handling all your transports with care and special attention. We will notify both you and the consignee in case of any delay or problem occurs on the way, because transport is all about good communication.


Our logistic services

We offer a wide range of logistic services against reasonable rates and at a high quality level for all your goods and by all means of transportation: from national and international transport, patload and full load, warehousing and container trucking to custom services as wel as insurance brokerage services.


Connecting companies

Kaldhez is one of the bridges built to connect you with the Eastern side of our ancient mother Europe. We understand the culture as well as most of the languages, which – together with our experience –  enables us to solve almost every problem you might come across.

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Why you should choose for us


We offer a wide range of reliable transport services at any time and to any destination in Eastern Europe against very competative rates.

Customs formalities

We will issue or let issue all your customs documents. We will also answer most of your questions regarding your activities where customs issues are involved.


We are never too busy to listen to you and to offer you solutions for your problem. Even when we don’t have the answer.

Language barriers

When your own customers are dealing with unknown issues and for the both of you the language barrier is becoming an impossible obstacle, let us know!